This contract shall acknowledge the client and Haley McElroy Co.'s mutual agreement to cancel and terminate the wedding photography and/or videography contract for the wedding date listed below, without further recourse or legal obligation by either party. The original contract is hereby terminated and deemed null and void as of the date below.

The Client further understands that a nonrefundable retainer fee was collected at the time of the original signing of the wedding photography and/or videography contract, it will not be refunded pursuant to the original signed contract in the "Cancellation, Postponement" section. 

"CANCELLATION , POSTPONEMENT: If client herein cancels the wedding photography services for any reason, Haley McElroy Co. retains the sum of the deposit without exception. If the wedding needs to be rescheduled, new date must be within six months of original scheduled date or the deposit becomes a cancellation fee. A rescheduling fee of $200 will applied to any rescheduled weddings outside of that six months of the scheduled date."

Please check the two boxes below signifying that you, the Client, are cancelling coverage for your wedding day and enter the reason for the cancellation.