Ahhh Portland.. I left half of my heart there when I had to come home to Oklahoma. Between the amazing cuisine, the vibe, the abundance of art and a booming music scene, I honestly wanted to stay there and never come back.. Theres so many hidden gems on every block that you go in that city, and just about 30 minutes outside of there you'll run into some of the most beautiful mountainous areas. This gorgeous A frame cabin was out near those areas and was the perfect spot to cozy up with this adorable couple. The outside of the cabin was a little deceiving, it looked rather small, but once you entered into the place opened up into this amazing 4 level retreat with every room being something worth photographing. The bottom level was the cozy living space connected to a cute little kitchen where we chowed down on some Apple Cinnamon muffins together. The second level was a beautiful bedroom rest area with the most gorgeous decor and curtains draped around the bed. The third and fourth levels are shown down toward the bottom, there was a beautifully decorated reading space and at the tip top of the cabin is that stunning all white bedroom area. I will definitely be booking this cabin again once I go back! :)

Chris & sierra

I met Sierra through a beauty group that we're mutually in on social media. I loved her look so much and I've always wanted to opportunity to shoot with her. When I found out that Chris had proposed to her and she was needing engagement photos, I was all in for it! I mean, how beautiful are they?! I've always wanted to do an in home type of session so once I laid eyes on this place, I knew it was meant to be. We had met around 4PM, and as any Oklahoma photographer knows that is the golden peak hour to do a shoot during the day in the Fall since the last light wraps up around 5. Well, the mountains said otherwise.. I didn't even think to do an earlier time because of the sunset being earlier out there. So take my advice from my experience to book your mountain destination shoots a little earlier than you'd expect so you have more leverage on your daylight hours. Fortunately we somehow managed to use what light we had left to make this magic though & I am so happy with how these turned out. This will always be such a special session to me and I am counting down the days until I can return to Portland and be in my happy place once again. If you ever want to book a session in Oregon, or anywhere in the PNW for that matter, just sign me up and I'll be there. :)