Hi guys!!

It's been a while since I last blogged on here, I've been waiting for a session that just makes my soul incredibly happy and this is it!!! A love story that is truly one for the books.

Caleb + Anthony

I met Caleb back in 2012 when I first enrolled into a photography program in college. From the first day of class, we instantly hit it off and I just knew I had a friend for life. He was such a dominant personality, didn't take any shit from anyone, and trust me you need those people in your life. When you go through not only the hardships of coming out as gay to your loved ones, but dealing with the judgement and other issues that arise from being in the LGBT community while living in a small town in Oklahoma, you pretty much have no other choice but to gain thick skin. I truly admire Caleb and everything these two have fought through in their journey of love. When you tackle these things in life together you create an inseparable bond that cannot be broken, that unconditional kind of love..

Caleb and Anthony have been together for an entire decade now. 10 YEARS of having each others backs and going through all of life's curveballs, together. That to me is the most beautiful love story of all. Loving each other when the rest of the world was against it.. brb currently tearing up as I type all of this. But SERIOUSLY.. I admire these guys for pushing through the obstacles and staying true to one another. They are the definition of soul mates & I just have so much love for these two it's unreal.

ALL forms of love are beautiful and they are all welcomed and accepted with open arms here!! I am, and always will be a LGBT friendly photographer.

The Oklahoma Rainbow Collective

I have recently became a vendor with the Oklahoma Rainbow Collective. It is a new directory ran by a wonderful photographer, AJ Stegall, that helps LGBT couples that are getting married to easily navigate through LGBT friendly wedding vendors in the state of Oklahoma. My mind was blown hearing about couples in Oklahoma that were being TURNED AWAY from wedding venues & other vendors simply because they were a same-sex couple. I'm thankful that AJ was able to create a safe place for these couples to search for and HAPPILY plan their wedding without running into discrimination or judgement, & I am SO EXCITED to be a part of this beautiful growing community of love and acceptance!!